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We Sell Quality Hay!
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Hay Information:

Our Pastures consist of two types of Hybrid Bermuda Grass, Tift 44 & Coastal. Hybrid Bermuda Grass is higher in protein and yield than common Bermuda. The following is a brief explanation of our two types of hay:

Tift 44: bermudagrass is a winter-hardy hybrid bermudagrass developed a couple decades ago. Tifton 44 is a cross between Coastal and an imported winter-hardy bermudagrass. It tends to grow earlier in the spring and later into the fall.

Coastal: was the first hybrid forage bermudagrass developed for use in the South. It is less cold tolerant than Tift 44. Coastal as well as Tift 44 produce few viable seeds and must be sprigged rather than planted.

  • UGA Agricultural & Environmental Services Lab  Where we get our hay tested.

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