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We Sell Quality Hay!
Welcome to Temuir.com the official website for Temuir Farms.
Welcome to Temuir Farms!

We specialize in growing horse quality hay. Our hay fields consist of a high percentage of hybrid bermuda grass (Coastal & Tift 44). We fertilize between every cutting to ensure maximum protein & nutrients. Our hay is tested by the UGA Extension service & the USDA. We have county and regional award-winning hay every year.

We currently (Feb 2014) are out of hay (square and round). Check back with us in Spring.

We've also added a few links & resources:  Hay Info    Horse Info   Our Horses   Hay Baling

John Sullivan & Family:
Phone: 303-618-7730   Alt: 770-229-1459   or 303-663-0495
 129 Old Scout Rd.
Jackson, GA 30233 (Lamar Co.)
e-mail: farmersully@yahoo.com
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